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Get seamless pairing to your iPhone and the easiest controls ever for next-to-record-low pricing.

Apple Airpods with the wired charging case are on sale for $109.99 at Amazon as of Feb. 8. That’s a 31% discount and just $10 more than their Black Friday price.

Airpods being on sale isn’t as big news as it was a year or two ago — especially since the AirPods Max stole their thunder. The most affordable pair, the ones with the wired charging case, have been sitting at the $129 mark ($30 off the original price) for some time now.

What is noteworthy…

Sports and reality shows are two genres of television that have to be watched live. You don’t want to be that person who missed your team’s game-winning goal or any intense moments throughout the match.

In the past, you had to have a cable provider to watch all of the big games, but we live in the age of streaming and you’re able to cut the cord and still catch all of the best content. You can stream movies and cartoons without cable, and live sports are no different.

Streaming services give you all the sports coverage you want on…

Watch all of your favorite streaming shows in glorious 4K with a new Apple TV 4K device.

By this point we have subscriptions to more streaming services than we need. So it might be time to upgrade to a streaming device that connects all of your favorite platforms into a single interface for easier access. And if you want to make the jump to a 4K streaming box (even if you don’t own a 4K TV yet), Amazon has a rare deal on one of the more premium options on the market.

That would be the Apple TV 4K 32GB…

What even is Instagram anymore?

In the immortal words of Derek Zoolander (who would have definitely loved Instagram), “who am I?”

Instagram is considering yet another big change to its platform. It is working on a prototype of the Stories feed that scrolls vertically, like TikTok.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, confirmed the new project to TechCrunch, which first reported the story after developer Alexander Puzzi posted a photo of the prototype on Twitter.

Puzzi told TechCrunch that he found the option while examining Instagram’s backend code, and that it’s not live yet.

A Facebook company spokesperson also confirmed the feature.

Huawei’s got a new foldable phone in the works, and this one might be very different from the last one.

Huawei is about to launch its third foldable smartphone.

The company announced on its Weibo account (via Android Central) that the Huawei Mate X2 will launch on Feb. 22 at an event in China.

No further details about the device were shared, though a teaser image implies the phone will have a seamless display, without the visible crease that plagues some other foldable models.

It also looks as though the new phone will have an inward-folding design, similar to Samsung’s…

The teens are on TikTok these days, but back in my day, Tumblr was the place to be.

Does this make me sound ancient? Well, jokes on you, because I’m actually Gen Z, but old enough to remember life before TikTok. And in those days, if you had an angsty text post, an artsy photo edit, or a sexy GIF of your favorite fictional character headcanon, you posted it on Tumblr.

These days, you can still find almost all of these same trends on TikTok: 17-year-olds posting their personal drama with #messytok, artists capturing their creative processes and final results…

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How to set a sleep timer in iOS for Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming app

Not me doubting everything I ever thought I knew.

When we spend so much of our time online, we’re bound to learn something while clicking and scrolling.

Alleged “hacks” for “life” born on the web have been known to — at best — be simply useless. At worst, they risk getting the “life hacker” killed or injured. Yet the old gal (by which we mean the entirety of the online human population) still has some new tricks to teach us.

Inevitably, when you gather all of modern human knowledge onto several communication platforms like social media, you’re bound to discover…

The company’s stock was up as much as 30 percent at one point before giving up most of those gains and ending the day up more than 9 percent. The airline also reported financial results for 2020 on Thursday, saying it lost nearly $8.9 billion last year.

On the social media site Reddit, traders on the Wall Street Bets page, a community known for irreverent market discussions, have caused shares in other troubled companies, such as GameStop and AMC, to surge in recent days as they sought to take on some of Wall Street’s most sophisticated investors. …

Year after year, the same old social media apps have gotten the top spots on Apple’s annual list of most downloaded apps. But not this year, my friends!

Drumroll please. The most downloaded free app of 2020 in the U.S. was…ZOOM Cloud Meetings! Pop that bottle of quarantine isolation champagne, because it’s a truly astronomical rise that shows how different 2020 was from past years thanks to the pandemic. Zoom did not even crack Apple’s chart of the top 20 most downloaded free apps last year.

There were other reshuffles and surprises. The second most downloaded app was TikTok, and…


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